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    We envision a community of women who embrace their beauty and power to change the world. A community of women who support each other and care for our planet, by choosing to support companies that give back to the earth and our humanity.


    NyNow from Catalina Lemaitre on Vimeo.

    Our Story

    Calamarie began as one woman’s dream to change the world. Back in 2008, Catalina Lemaitre was traveling the world as a project manager for the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. Although she seemed to be the epitome of success to everyone around her, recurring migraines and stress made her feel unhappy and sick like a battery that had lost its ability to recharge.

    She decided to take three months off from work, and went back to all that had brought her joy in the past—practicing yoga, taking drawing classes, cooking meals from scratch for herself and her husband, and volunteering at a local art therapy school for children.

    During this break from her day-to- day grind, she was able to re-examine her life. On a trip to her home country of Colombia she fell in love with orange peel and was inspired to design a jewelry line using natural materials handcrafted by women Cartagena. Calamarie was born with a mission to support and empower talented women artisans in Colombia, to preserve traditional crafts, and to bring more art and beauty into the world through the creation of wearable art. Today Calamarie is a growing network of artisans who support their families through their work.